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Associations and Societies


Arts Council England
As the national development agency for the arts, they support a range of artistic activities from theatre to music, literature to dance, photography to digital art, carnival to crafts. Has one national and nine regional offices.

Arts Council of Northern Ireland
The development agency for the arts in Northern Ireland. They are the main support for artists and arts organisations, offering a broad range of funding opportunities through the Exchequer and National Lottery funds.

Arts Council of Wales
Responsible for funding and developing the arts in Wales.

Association for Scottish Literary Studies
An educational charity that aims to promote the study, teaching and writing of Scottish literature, and to further the study of the languages of Scotland.

Association of Authors' Agents
The majority of established agencies in the UK belong to the Association which exists to provide a forum for member agents to discuss industry matters, to represent the interests of agents and their clients and to uphold a code of good practice.

Association of British Science Writers
Exists to help those who write about science and technology, and to improve the standard of science journalism in the UK.

Association of Christian Writers
Aims to see quality writing in every area of the media, whether overtly Christian or shaped by a Christian perspective, reaching the widest possible readership.

Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society Ltd
ALCS represents the interests of all UK writers and aims to ensure writers are fairly compensated for any works that are copied, broadcast or recorded.

British Association of Journalists
Aims to protect and promote the professional interests of journalists.

The British Fantasy Society
For writers and artists and musicians interested in fantasy and horror. Publishes the magazines Prism and Dark Horizons.

British Guild of Travel Writers
Members include journalists, authors, editors, photographers and broadcasters.

British Haiku Society
The BHS is a registered charity pioneering the appreciation and writing of haiku in the UK. It has links with similar organisations throughout the world. Members receive the Society journal, Blithe Spirit and a newsletter called The Brief.

The British Science Fiction Association Ltd
Set up to create an international forum that would bring together everyone interested in science fiction.

The Crime Writers' Association
The website of The Crime Writers' Association. Gives details of the annual CWA Dagger Awards.

Guild of Food Writers
The professional association of food writers and broadcasters in the UK. Established in 1984, it has over 370 authors, broadcasters, columnists and journalists amongst its members.

Historical Novel Society
A community for authors, readers, agents and publishers. Provides support and opportunities for new writers and information for students, booksellers and librarians.

National Association of Writers' Groups
Aims to bring cohesion and fellowship to isolated writers' groups and individuals, promoting the study and art of writing in all its aspects.

National Union of Journalists

Trade union for working journalists. Campaigns for media freedom, the rights of journalists, workers' rights and for social justice at home and internationally.

Outdoor Writers' Guild
The website of the Outdoor Writers' Guild which is open to writers, journalists, photographers, illustrators, broadcasters, film-makers, artists, publishers and editors, who are actively and professionally involved in sustainable activities in any outdoor setting.

The Poetry Book Society

Founded by T S Eliot and friends in 1953, The Poetry Book Society provides information, guidance and discounts on the best contemporary poetry for a wide-ranging community of readers. The PBS is the biggest dedicated poetry bookseller in the UK.

Poetry Ireland
Dedicated to developing, supporting and promoting poetry through Ireland. Creates performance and publication opportunities for poets who live in Ireland.

The Poetry Library
The most comprehensive and accessible collection of poetry in Britain from 1912. Poetry is available in many formats: books, pamphlets, audio cassette, CD, video and DVD for reference and loan, magazines, press cuttings, photographs, posters and postcards for reference.

The Poetry Society

A charitable organisation founded in 1909 to advance the study, use and enjoyment of poetry. It providesĀ support, information and merchandise for specialists and the general public.

Scottish Arts Council
The Scottish Arts Council is the lead body for the funding, development and advocacy of the arts in Scotland.

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