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Free Appraisal
Your subscription to FMN entitles you to one annual appraisal of 3000 words of prose or 120 lines of poetry. Your review will include comments on style, content, suitability for the chosen market and any other aspect considered appropriate. You will receive a thorough, straightforward and honest opinion from an experienced professional.

"I have recently had an appraisal by Viv Doyle of a short story. I cannot recommend this annual service highly enough. I received a thorough breakdown, valid criticism, suggestions for improvement and encouragement. What better?"

JM McDonald, France

"I just wanted to say how impressed I was with my free appraisal and would strongly urge other readers to take FMN up on their offer. I sent in a short story and had a full A4 page of constructive suggestions and advice. I found the comments very encouraging."

Monique Monroe, UK

The Association of Freelance Writers Membership Card

By identifying your status as a freelance writer your membership card can open many doors for you. It can gain you free admission to many events, entrance to 'closed' events, help you reach the people you want to see and gain access to places you want to go. We will send you this card with your first issue of FMN.

"The Membership Card which comes with FMN has just saved me £28 as I sent a photocopy of it to the organisers of World Travel Market and I have received free entry into this exhibition as a member of the Press."

Peter Smith, UK

"The Membership Card has magically opened doors for me that numerous keys had failed to unlock. Flashing the card when the need arises makes people talk non-stop. How I wish I had subscribed much earlier."

George Bita, Uganda

Free Entry to the Monthly FMN Competition
Each month, there is a free-to-enter competition in FMN, either poetry or prose. In addition to seeing your name in print there is also a prize of £50 for the winner!

"Thank you for the £50 cheque I have received for winning the short story competition. I can't tell you what a thrill it was to see it in print. It has been a tremendous boost to keep going."

Lynda Franklin, UK

“I was absolutely surprised and delighted when I opened the May issue to find ‘Rendezvous’ has won the First Line story competition. Freelance Market News has always been one of my favourite writing publications; there is so much packed into its pages. The monthly competitions are an excellent way of encouraging us to write in different genres, as well as being fun and free to enter.”

Rosemary Gemell

Reduced Entry Fee to The Writers Bureau Short Story & Poetry Competition

The Writers Bureau Annual Short Story & Poetry Competition offers an amazing £4,000 in prizes. It is a well-respected and highly contested event – and subscribers to FMN are entitled to a 20% reduction on their entry fees.
For more information and to read last year's winning entries click here.

Up to 50% off Books For Writers!

Each month we bring you special offers on a selection of useful books for writers – with up to 50% off!

FREE Advertising in The Writers’ Web

Subscribers can use this market place for FREE. Contact other writers, exchange tips or ideas, or even sell and exchange equipment. It's your space to use as you wish.

Theresa Gooda

"I am pleased to report that almost every penny that I have earned through writing is as a result of a lead or idea generated by the magazine. I have more than tripled my 'stake' through articles, letters and fillers, and recently achieved my first fiction success with third prize in a short story competition promoted on the Competitions News page. I have absolutely no hesitation in renewing my subscription as the time arises."

Theresa Gooda