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Angela Cox,

Angela joined The Writers Bureau in 1992 after graduating from Liverpool University with a French Language & Literature honours degree. She took over as editor of Freelance Market News in 1996 and has since helped thousands of freelance writers to get their work published.

Her favourite authors include Jane Austen, John Irving, Margaret Atwood and Sebastian Faulks. She admits she has never read a Harry Potter book!

About Freelance Market News

Freelance Market News was launched in 1968 when it was titled, Contributor's Bulletin. The Writers Bureau began publishing Freelance Market News in 1996 and has been helping freelance writers find markets for their work ever since.

From the days of typewriters and carbon copies to the internet age and emails our mission has remained the same - to help freelance writers get their work published by providing them with a wide variety of markets in all genres.

We began The Association of Freelance Writers at the same time as we also wanted to offer help and advice (and sometimes just a listening ear) for writers of all levels who have come across stumbling blocks in their writing careers. Whether you need help acquiring your payment from a publication or simply want advice on sending work to a magazine, we will always do our best to resolve your problem.

Theresa Gooda

"I am pleased to report that almost every penny that I have earned through writing is as a result of a lead or idea generated by the magazine. I have more than tripled my 'stake' through articles, letters and fillers, and recently achieved my first fiction success with third prize in a short story competition promoted on the Competitions News page. I have absolutely no hesitation in renewing my subscription as the time arises."

Theresa Gooda